Dirrty Berry

Cadillac. That's the brand of car that belongs to a new name in the scene; Dirrty Berry. Like driving a classic is not enough there are also other stylistic features to it. The non-stereotypical mustache and tattoos making 'Berry' a welcome sight in the night life. As a DJ he can find the fine line between crowdpleasen and an eclectic vision as it ever was intended; with a certain swung, or better said swing. Sexy House, Urban, Stair, Moomba, classics, 80's 90's seamlessly mixed in a dirrty way.

Hailing from Sneek Dirrty Berry represents perhaps the most northerly point in the Nachtbrakers team. With plenty of running hours at respectable venues as Club1841, Jimmy Woo, Sneekweek, Paradiso, The Swetser, Terschelling and Beach Rockers state Dirrty Berry amidst the current zeitgeist and that experience can also transfer perfectly to the public. It is time for Dirrty Berry to make his mark. Get involved.