• 31 May You Never Drink Alone

    You Never Drink Alone

    We are happy to tell you that we recently started working together with Deckstar entertainment and Temazo. This summer, all of their DJs will have EARTH Water on their hospitality rider. Click here to see all of our ambassadors.

    Almost 3 years ago we started the EARTH Water rider campaign. We are involved with a lot of events, so we were able to see the hospitality riders of different artists. This gave us the idea to do something with it: we looked for artists that match us and asked them to put EARTH Water on their riders instead of 'regular water'. Big artists like Chef'Special, Michel de Hey, Roog, Dotan and many more take part in this initiative and drink EARTH at their perfomances.

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  • 31 May Adventures in Shanghai

    Adventures in Shanghai

    The Chinese fairytale isn't over yet! Henk and Patrick were recently on a work visit to Shanghai and came back with a lot of beautiful news and great stories. They were invited to come and have dinner at Chop Chop Club: owned by the best chef of China: Paul Pairet (Ultraviolet) and they shot a photo.

    The Thursday of Henk and Patrick's visit to China, EARTH ambassador DJ Irwan came to DJ at the sold out Thursday night in Club ASL. Also, the first order of Hotel W came in last week: this hotel hasn't been opened yet, but is 'the talk of the town' already!

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  • 18 May Henk and Patrick in China

    Henk and Patrick in China

    Henk and Patrick are in China right now for EARTH as part of the F&B trade mission. It has been 2 years since the 'start' of EARTH in China and the results are good. They experience hightlight after highlight and when they're back there'll be news in the news letter.

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  • 18 May Purpose People

    Purpose People

    A while ago, Henk sat in front of the camera of MaatschapWij, a movement supported by more and more people who want to make positive changes. They work together on societal challenges and dilemmas. Click here for the written article (Dutch), or watch the video.

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  • 7 Apr World Water Day at UMCG

    World Water Day at UMCG

    Wednesday 22 March was World Water Day. A day to think about the water crisis and taking action. We were at UMCG to talk about the story of EARTH. This was also the kick-off of selling EARTH Water in their restaurants.

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  • 7 Apr Curious about Qurios?

    Curious about Qurios?

    Qurios Bloemendaal aan Zee has a beautiful way of supporting us. With every booking, they'll donate 5% to our project: LiveBuild in Cameroon. So if you'd like to spend a week(end) in one of their lovely houses, use the code to help complete the project. 

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  • 28 Mar The Millionth Euro

    The Millionth Euro

    Last Monday the 27th of March, we celebrated our 10-year anniversary. We talked about everything that happened in these last 10 years. 

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  • 10 Feb NEW


    If you have been following us closely, you might've noticed our new look! Slowly we're changing our look and feel to make it match our character more. We feel like this new look fits us very well.

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  • 10 Feb Donation The Next Table

    Donation The Next Table

    The Next Table is an independent online reservationsystem for restaurants. Transparancy, service, quality and a set price, no matter the amount of reservations. That's what The Next Table is all about.

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  • 10 Feb Let's meet!

    Let's meet!

    We are very happy to announce that we have new ambassadors photographed by Ilja Meefout.

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