EARTH Coffee

EARTH Coffee

EARTH Coffee is a environment friendly total concept consisting of an organic espresso blend (with EKO label) on the basis of raw coffee beans from Peru, Nicaragua and Guatemala. The 100% Arabica beans are of the highest quality. The beans are larger and have had more time to ripen, this is why they have a better and richer taste.

Freshness is guaranteed by the fact that the coffee is roasted in small batches and is delivered directly from the distillery. EARTH Coffee is roasted according to the slow-roast principle, which means that the coffee is roasted in 17 minutes instead of the usual 11 minutes. By slowly burning the coffee bean the oils that are released becoming evenly caramelized. This allows that the coffee stays nice and fresh with a nice acidity.

Besides the blend there are organic sugar sticks, milk cups and a EARTH Coffee tableware line. EARTH Coffee is packed in a specially developed film that contains no aluminum or PVDC making sustainability, environmental friendliness and quality are guaranteed. For coffee- to-go concepts, there are special biodegradable paper cups.

EARTH Coffee is available in the following variants:

• Beans 1 kilo
• Beans 250 gram
• Filter 1 kilo
• Filter 250 gram