Girls Love DJs

Girls Love DJs is a worldwide DJ & MC act made of 2 living party legends [Ron Simpson & Rob Black] that guarantee to tear a club or festival up in a city near you, very, very soon. Delivering high-energy feel good sounds and an undefeated stage presence to any venue, these two born performers have an unparalleled bond that elevates every crowd to the next level.

Their signature sound was crafted carefully from bootlegging the likes of Katy Perry, John Newman, Nicki Minaj and more before they started to officially remix superstars like Beyonce and W&W. Now the time has come to unleash their originals to the world and they have racked up an impressive amount of ammo to release. Expect big tunes and surprising collaborations kicking in the charts’ door.

With shows in China, Suriname, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Italy, France, Austria, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria and more, their international allure is growing. Add that to their gigs schedule throughout the Netherlands and their own concept Girls Love DJs INVITES every 2nd Saturday at the legendary club AIR and you can see why they’re a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Don’t miss a thing and follow their adventure from Amsterdam throughout the world on every channel as well as the latest news, mixtapes, tracks and pics.