Robert Feelgood

Robert Feelgood was born in Amsterdam and, like his own name, creates, continues and peaks with a positive atmosphere as main priority, from his first dj set in 1996. Robert is a crowd-pleaser and that's his role behind the decks, but he's also an artist that enjoys the music as much as the crowd itself. 
An eclectic mix of several styles with elements like happiness, grooviness and funkiness as main ingredients. It's not really surprising that this mix in combination with his character provides a dance floor filled with nice woman and man. That's nature. You can't change that, but you can use it and Robert does so.

This was a positive road to follow which provided Robert with residencies now (Hotel Arena, Club Vie Escape Venue, Club NL) and in the past (Las Palmas, Now & Wow, the Mansion, Sinners, Club NL, de Waakzaamheid, Wasteland, the Zebra ) Furthermore he appeared in Jimmy Woo, Monza, Club Vie, Free Your Mind Festival, Rockit Open Air, Lowlands, Dance Valley, Panama, IT, Marcanti, Supperclub, Asta and outside Holland in Curacao, Iceland, Spain and France.

For three years he provided his house sounds alongside presenter Jeroen van Inkel on the number 1 radio station of Holland ; Radio 538 and weekly on ID&T radio 'ONESTARGROOVES' with friend and colleague Erick E. He frequently travelles to Hong Kong, Curacao, Spain, Greece, Shanghai and Reykjavik for special performances.

With the SOUND OF LOVE based on his club nights at SOL Amsterdam he travels throughout the Netherlands and abroad. With clubnights in Hotel Arena, Panama, de Rechter, Winkel van Sinkel, SOL and the 'FEELGOOD HOUSE SOUND' are not to be missed. Highlights were his performances on Rockit Open Air, Gaypride, Free Your Mind and 12.000 insane party people on SOUND OF LOVE on the beach in Noordwijk. Not to forget Island Samba on Texel!

With SOUND OF LOVE SOUNDSYSTEM he performes alongside several well known live performers. This collaboration also resulted in remixes for 'Jeroenski - this feeling and Bastian Creon – Because of you', which they produced with the Firebeatz. New releases and a compilation cd will be due march/april 2011.

Due to his multi musical abilities he also performance in lounge formations were he performs with singers, violin, sax, percussion and harpplayers. His eclectic musical choice is often requested at major business events as well as special occations. With a range of 80's and 90's he goes back to the roots of dance music.

Besides this Robert made several other compilation cd's and music productions.
Robert Feelgood; busy and multi-functional man with a warm personality, but most importantly a crowd-pleaser from Amsterdam who always provides a packed dance floor with his eclectic mix of funky house grooves. The essence of clubbing.