100% sex free water

"Simavi and EARTH Water announce '100% Sex-Free Water' to draw attention to women in the water crisis.

Amsterdam - Development organization Simavi and social enterprise EARTH Water join forces with the sale of '100% Sex-Free Water' in 2024. With this limited edition drink carton, the organizations highlight the uncomfortable truth that millions of women and girls experience sexual violence due to the acute water crisis.

Sabine Brusse, Simavi: 'We find it unacceptable that women face, among other things, sexual violence while fetching water. In countries like Bangladesh and Kenya, women sometimes even (forced) use their bodies to obtain water for their families.

'100% Sex-Free Water' will be available to consumers at festivals, for EARTH Water customers, and will be visible throughout the Netherlands in the spring of 2024. As the start of the collaboration, EARTH Water handed over a check of 50,000 euros to Simavi during Water & Wine at the Amsterdam Dance Event. The campaign is part of Simavi's work that highlights gender-based violence in relation to water and unsafe toilets. With EARTH Water, we work to raise awareness of the consequences—and the water solutions—of the water crisis from the perspective of women and girls.'

About Simavi Simavi invests in women-led water solutions and facilitates small-scale projects where women work on their own position and development. Simavi is a Dutch development organization committed to a world where everyone has access to clean drinking water and a safe toilet.

About EARTH Water EARTH Water is a socially entrepreneurial water brand dedicated to realizing access to clean drinking water for everyone. EARTH Water donates 100% of its profits to water projects in developing countries. Over 1,820,000 EUR has already been donated."

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