• 31 Oct 100% sex free water

    100% sex free water

    "Simavi and EARTH Water announce '100% Sex-Free Water' to draw attention to women in the water crisis.

    Amsterdam - Development organization Simavi and social enterprise EARTH Water join forces with the sale of '100% Sex-Free Water' in 2024. With this limited edition drink carton, the organizations highlight the uncomfortable truth that millions of women and girls experience sexual violence due to the acute water crisis. Read more..

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  • 25 Sep Donation to Livebuild

    Donation to Livebuild

    Recently, together with 'Wilde Ganzen', we had the privilege of donating €50.000 to LiveBuild, our longstanding partner in Cameroon. They are currently finalizing a system in Beautown where we transport water from the source on the mountain down to where the villages are located. Read more

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  • 7 Jun

  • 14 Apr EARTH Coffee 10 year anniversary

    EARTH Coffee 10 year anniversary

    EARTH Coffee exists 10 years today! On April 14, 2011 we launched our coffee in collaboration with Mocca d'Or. Naturally, this collaboration is fully based on the EARTH philosophy; the proceeds of the coffee benefit the profits of EARTH and are therefore donated to water projects.

    In addition, a contribution is made to the Mocca d'Or Foundation, which ensures good working conditions on and around their coffee plantations. Our beans are a mix of beans from Nicaragua, Guatemala and Peru and the two varieties are ideal for the best espressos and lungos.

    Our packaging is also produced as environmentally friendly as possible and we have a complete EARTH around the cup concept: you can also order machines, crockery, cookies, milk and more!

  • 25 Mar Supermarkets helping hospitality

    Supermarkets helping hospitality

    Sometimes you come across things that you wish you could have invented yourself. Advertising for the hospitality industry bridges the gap between advertisers and (ailing) hospitality industry. Starting this week, the business community will have the opportunity to advertise at various cafes and restaurants at so-called A-locations. Successful organizations and the loss-making hospitality industry can help each other in this way. Many organizations are eager to advertise at prime locations. The 'Advertising for Horeca' initiative connects the stationary - but clearly visible - cafes and restaurants with companies that run better and benefit from visibility. The initiative offers a creative and temporary contribution to get through the crisis.

    Win win situation

    Organizations that advertise via 'Advertising for Horeca' not only have the option to advertise at A locations, they mainly support the ailing catering industry with the campaign. A win-win situation. Roby Hormis of creative agency Tosti Creative, the initiators behind the campaign, explains: “As a creative agency we do advertising work, but we also have two catering businesses. This puts us on the side where things are going well and at the same time on the side where the blows fall. With the initiative we try to help each other in a way that benefits everyone. Participating parties Dirk van den Broek is the first advertiser to join this promotion. The supermarket chain will support the catering businesses at least until the opening of the terraces. "We think this is an extremely sympathetic initiative that we are happy to participate in," says Marcel Huizing, director Dirk van den Broek. “We sympathize very much with this industry and hope that the catering businesses can open again soon. And that the Netherlands can fully enjoy - and order - in the spring sun again.” So far, nine cases have joined the campaign. Participating establishments are Bartack, BarBaarsch, House of Someone Else, Restaurant Mothers, Moak Pancakes, Bar Spek, and Bar Do. Interested catering businesses can still join the initiative by contacting Tosti Creative.

  • 31 May You Never Drink Alone

    You Never Drink Alone

    We are happy to tell you that we recently started working together with Deckstar entertainment and Temazo. This summer, all of their DJs will have EARTH Water on their hospitality rider. Click here to see all of our ambassadors.

    Almost 3 years ago we started the EARTH Water rider campaign. We are involved with a lot of events, so we were able to see the hospitality riders of different artists. This gave us the idea to do something with it: we looked for artists that match us and asked them to put EARTH Water on their riders instead of 'regular water'. Big artists like Chef'Special, Michel de Hey, Roog, Dotan and many more take part in this initiative and drink EARTH at their perfomances.

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  • 31 May Adventures in Shanghai

    Adventures in Shanghai

    The Chinese fairytale isn't over yet! Henk and Patrick were recently on a work visit to Shanghai and came back with a lot of beautiful news and great stories. They were invited to come and have dinner at Chop Chop Club: owned by the best chef of China: Paul Pairet (Ultraviolet) and they shot a photo.

    The Thursday of Henk and Patrick's visit to China, EARTH ambassador DJ Irwan came to DJ at the sold out Thursday night in Club ASL. Also, the first order of Hotel W came in last week: this hotel hasn't been opened yet, but is 'the talk of the town' already!

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  • 18 May Henk and Patrick in China

    Henk and Patrick in China

    Henk and Patrick are in China right now for EARTH as part of the F&B trade mission. It has been 2 years since the 'start' of EARTH in China and the results are good. They experience hightlight after highlight and when they're back there'll be news in the news letter.

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  • 18 May Purpose People

    Purpose People

    A while ago, Henk sat in front of the camera of MaatschapWij, a movement supported by more and more people who want to make positive changes. They work together on societal challenges and dilemmas. Click here for the written article (Dutch), or watch the video.

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  • 7 Apr World Water Day at UMCG

    World Water Day at UMCG

    Wednesday 22 March was World Water Day. A day to think about the water crisis and taking action. We were at UMCG to talk about the story of EARTH. This was also the kick-off of selling EARTH Water in their restaurants.

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