• 19 Nov Private Label Delete Waxing

    Private Label Delete Waxing

    Another beautiful collaboration has been made. This time: Delete Waxing! We made and designed them a private label tetra-pak and it turned out great. From now on, customers of Delete Waxing can enjoy EARTH Water!

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  • 4 Nov Annual donation ISS World

    Annual donation ISS World

    We received a wonderful donation of ISS World this year. We thank ISS for this! A cheque, worth € 10.000 has been donated to our LiveBuild project in Cameroon.

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  • 3 Nov Water & Wine Aftermovie

    Water & Wine Aftermovie

    We already had the photos of the night, but we can now show you the aftermovie as well! To see the pictures of the photobooth too, read on. It's nice to look back on all the memories made that night in the Tropenmuseum during ADE.

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  • 2 Nov BMW goes EARTH Water

    BMW goes EARTH Water

    BMW Amsterdam takes responsibility in making the world a better place. They know the impact they can make by doing small things, so they choose EARTH Water. We can call them our partner now!

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  • 26 Oct Interactive EARTH Packaging

    Interactive EARTH Packaging

    Our waterbottles consist of 100% recycled materials. We now have interactive packaging too. Our new bottles have an invisible code which will be scanned and causes them to end up in the right waste department.

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  • 25 Oct Water & Wine 2016

    Water & Wine 2016

    Last Friday was finally the day of the 3rd edition of Water & Wine. It took place in a new and beautiful location: the Tropenmuseum. The doors opened at five and the party was great! 

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  • 10 Oct

    Phénix Eatery & Bar, part of The Puli Hotel and Spa, has received a Michelin star in September 2016. This makes them one of the first 26 restaurants in China to have a spot in the Michelin guide of 2017. We're proud to tell you that the restaurant, hotel, spa and office all serve EARTH Water to their guests.

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  • 1 Oct The Story of Emilia

    The Story of Emilia

    Together with LiveBuild we can implement projects. Cameroon too is full of talents we happen to know. Thanks to the LiveBuild team in Cameroon, we can create impact. LiveBuild is super proud of these talents and likes to spoil them a little bit by sharing their personal stories.

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  • 30 Sep Restaurant Monarh

    Restaurant Monarh

    In the series of private labels, we now add Restaurant Monarh from Tilburg. Artist Rob van Trier designed the bottle chef Paul Kappé. From now on, you can drink EARTH Water in the 120-year-old monastery of the missionaries of 'Het Heilige Hart' (The Holy Heart).

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  • 30 Sep EARTH Charity Night in China

    EARTH Charity Night in China

    EARTH Water and LOHAS have been working together for six years on the 'love not alone' project which makes sure that children will have access to clean drinking water. The annual LOHAS & EARTH Charity Night took place in Shanghai Oriental Art Center on the 20th of September. 

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