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More information

EARTH Tea is made in Sri Lanka, with the exception of the EARTH Tea Mint, which is produced in Egypt. With the partnership created for EARTH Tea we are also a member of Global GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) which means that they monitor the use of water on the land.

They make sure that there is sufficient water and irrigation systems to provide the plantations with sufficient water, as well as villages, production locations and even hospitals.

Sri Lanka is known as the 'Champagne' area for tea where the people maintain high standards for the tea. This is reflected in the Ethical Tea Partnership - UK program which ensure that the working conditions on the tea plantations meet the standards.

All plantations of our partner are ETP certified with whom they want to indicate clearly that they maintain high standards in the areas of ethics, social and working conditions.

Our partner produces the tea to the high standards of HACCP and ISO 22000: 2005, ISO 9001: 2008