Mocca d'Or Foundation

Together with introducing EARTH Coffee with Mocca d'Or, the Mocca d'Or Foundation was started. This foundation supports charities. This way, there'll be more money donated to water projects, but also to projects which immediately improve the living conditions for the local population at coffee plantations.

The Mocca d'Or Foundation supports:

Project 1:
New heaters and toilets at the coffee community of San Rafael Las Flores, Guatemala.

Project 2:
Drinking water through new water pipe systems in Se'Balam, Guatemala.

Project 3:
41 taps with drinking water for 40 families and 1 school in Sierra de Chama, Guatemala.

Project 4:
By, among other things, constructing a new coffee plantation, a primary school in Dhanka, West Ethiopia will be expanded. The poorest children will be able to get education. By getting (better) education, the chances of getting a succesful future will be higher.

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