Mike Scot

Born and raised in Amsterdam, Mike Scot (1984) grew up in a vibrant and lively music scene. Inspired by the tunes of DJ's Roog, Sneak and Jamie Lewis, from an early age Scot grew a strong connection to timeless house classics, which still form part of his performance today. Over the years, Mike Scot has developed an untameable eagerness for new experiences and a talent for creating inspiring musical friendships, resulting in an impressive CV. It brought him from a selection of Holland's most prominent nightclubs to those of Tel Aviv (Israel), Padova (Italy) and of Zurich (Switserland). 
He is proud to mention that legendary producers Richard Earnshaw  [(UK)]  and Rutti Cruise  [(NL)]  are amongst his friends. They inspire him to create his own sound, stemming from a strong love for all music that has a heart.

Whether it's behind the turntables of the world-famous Supperclub in Amsterdam or in his own production studio, Mike Scot stays true to his love for funky house music. 
He likes to play and produce versatile, instrumentally infused music with room for deep undercurrents as well as pure dancefloor work. His style is warm, subtle but at the same time very energetic. His love for genuine, heartfelt music and his feeling with the crowd make Mike Scot a sure-fire crowdmover at any given party.

All this eagerness and hard work led him to airing his own radio show, broadcasted by the Dutch leading dance-radionetwork Deep FM. 
This show is called Sensative Soul, the brandname behind the artist Mike Scot. Sensative Soul (no, that is not a spelling error) actually stands for three things: a musical disposition, a conceptual approach to spinning records and a studio production company (in cooperation with Rutti Cruise). SS stands for a sensitive sensation, both classic and edgy, both funky and melodious.

Mike Scot & Sensative Soul. For the love of music.